How to stay fit while travelling

Let’s face it: Keeping up with your fitness regime when you travel is an easy one to put on the backburner. Why hit the gym or go for a hike when you could just as easily start your day with an Aperol Spritz and a dip in the pool?

Many jetsetters see travelling as an excuse to eat, drink and be merry, and while you should most certainly do all of those things, staying on top of your health and fitness while you’re abroad will do wonders for your body and soul (and ensure you don’t return home feeling sluggish and overweight).

I’m a self-professed gym bunny, but if inspiration is an issue for you, might I suggest something as motivating as having a wedding while you’re overseas so as to keep your eye on the prize?

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How to keep fit while you travel

Make time in your day to work out

I know this is a tip done to death, but it rings true for at home and while on the road. Just set aside time in your day to work out – simple as that. If that means waking up a little earlier, so be it. There is no better feeling than fitting in a workout before breakfast. You’ll have the rest of the day to spend as you wish, without having to worry about if you’ll be able to fit a workout in.

Hit the hotel gym

When I hear that a hotel has a gym, it’s like music to my ears. It’s pretty easy to stay motivated when there’s a gym on your door step. For anyone that likes to combine cardio with weights (like myself), having a hotel gym handy will help to make sure you don’t lose too much muscle tone while you’re overseas.

Work out in your hotel room

If you don’t already have a simple routine that you can whip out while you’re on the road and your accommodation doesn’t have a gym, I’d just like to alert you: YouTube exists. And it’s awesome for at-home workout videos. Whether you want to get your heart rate up or focus on targeted toning exercises, it’s worth taking a look. Otherwise, there are plenty of apps out there. There’s also good old-fashioned Google.

Take a hike

One of the first things I like to do when I’m in a new location is seek out the best hiking trails. Like most others, I hate the feeling of being on a plane for a long time, and I find that getting out and about in nature helps to beat jet lag. It also helps you to get your bearings in a new area and see more of a new location than you perhaps would have (take a camera with you!). So be sure to pack sunscreen and walking shoes in your suitcase – you’re going to need them.

Rent a bike

Many boutique hotels (like Ace Hotel in Palm Springs) offer free bicycle hire. Many cities also have bikes for hire.┬áIt’s well worth taking advantage of if you like to live life on two wheels and want to get the know the city from the footpath, rather than an Uber.

Be active every day

One of the best ways to feel like you’re maintaining your fitness while travelling is to simply be active every day. The beauty of travel is that you have the time to be creative with your workouts, rather than just bashing out a gym sesh (not that there’s anything wrong with that). An ultra long shopping session or day exploring the city followed by a dip in the pool might feel just as fatiguing as a session in the gym, if not more so.

Choose healthy options (sometimes)

Yes, travelling is all about enjoying yourself and indulging in new foods you may not get to eat at home, but don’t eat like it’s the end of the world at every meal. My rule of thumb is to try and keep some meals light and indulge in others, much like I do at home. As cliche as it sounds, it’s all about balance. And make sure you don’t skip on the water!

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Do you workout while travelling? What are your favourite workouts to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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