About me

Greetings, Earthlings! My name is Lani, and I am a 26-year-old travel blogger from the North Coast of NSW, Australia.

About Paradise Lost ‘n’ Found – Australian travel blogger

I started Paradise Lost ‘n’ Found as a way to chronicle my travels and share my travel stories with the world, as well as indulge my life’s biggest obsession thus far: photography.

I have a degree in Media and a background in digital marketing, but my real passion lies in film photography. However, as anyone with a fondness for 35mm knows, it ain’t the cheapest or most convenient of interests. Therefore, most of my photos are shot on a DSLR and aim to pay homage to the vibrant and nostalgic feel of 35mm through the editing process.

I am a creative at heart and am inspired by new places and people, so I decided to combine my practical digital skills with my passion for photography to share my travels (and other lifestyle tidbits) with you.

Enjoy the ride!